Why Social Media Marketing Is A Waste Of Time

There’s a nagging little voice, a devil on my shoulder, that tells me to scream obscenities at any “pro” marketer who recommends a small business work on their “social media profile”.

Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare… all that stuff.

It drives me crazy. And after working with hundreds of companies, of all different sizes, I’ve learned one universal truth about all business owners.

At the end of the day, the mom & pop shop, the radio store, the restaurant, none of those places care about how many social media followers they have… IF IT DOESN’T INCREASE THEIR REVENUE!

And that’s what most marketers seem to “forget” about this whole marketing thing.

The single purpose of marketing and advertising is to generate more profit.

It’s not a damn popularity contest.

Social media is NOT a commercial platform. It’s a BRANDING platform.

And unless you have $1,000,000+ in the bank, you’re wasting your time. It is FOOLISH to think you can complete on any level with brand advertisers that have million+ ad budgets and can afford $10,000+ TV spots.

So forget brand advertising. It’s not going to work. Any marketer that tells you they can dramatically, and quickly increase your profit by building you a Facebook following or twitter following is lying to you unless you have a HUGE budget.

So then, why does EVERYONE and their brother recommend social media marketing? Why do business owners jump on board like it’s the best thing since sliced bread?

Business owners jump on the social media bandwagon because it’s “popular” and business owners think they need it.

But new isn’t always better!

And here’s what grinds my gears… seasoned marketers KNOW this.
Professionals know that it takes quite a bit more than being someones friend on Facebook to get them to buy from you.

But guess what, It’s EASY, CHEAP and IMPRESSIVE, and business owners BELIEVE it works… and they’re willing to fork out big bucks because of it.

And the marketing companies are willing to take it… because it’s easy money.

And that’s unethical, and it’s wrong.

The mom & pop shop doesn’t need a Facebook fan page. The restaurant near the park… doesn’t need one either. Neither does the chiropractor, roofer or dentist. And when you’re asking huge sums of money without delivering the result your clients are expecting… you’re actually doing more damage than good. Because now they’ve spent their ad budget… and haven’t gotten any more sales.

Not cool.

Do you know what does work? Not this “brand marketing”, or social media profiles or twitter, Facebook any of that. You know what REALLY works.

Guerilla Marketing… Direct Marketing.

If you haven’t heard of direct marketing, in a nutshell it means using your marketing materials to get someone to respond to your advertising NOW, instead of later. Brand marketing = see brand may times, buy once. Direct Marketing = see advertisement once, buy many times. It’s a subtle distinction that will triple your sales… and it’s all I do now.

Want to learn how to apply these direct marketing principals to your business?

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Why Social Media Marketing Is A Waste Of Time

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