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About Nolan Direct Inc.

If you need sales, we can help. Nolan Direct is a unique kind of advertising firm. Our principles are deeply rooted in direct marketing, which means that every ad we run, every campaign that gets launched is tracked and tweaked until profitable.
We hold our advertising to a higher standard. We believe that your marketing dollars should be held accountable. If it doesn’t generate a profit, we don't do it. And by adopting this philosophy we’re able to do what very few other marketing firms can. Guarantee you a return. 
If it’s likes, tweets and followers you want, we’re not your firm. If you'd rather build a fan club, than increase your revenue - look elsewhere. However, if you want more customers, more sales, and more profits now, contact us today. We can help.

Services We Offer

Behind every successful ad campaign is a great piece of copy. Copywriting is the art of persuasion in print. It’s the clever wording that causes your prospects to see the benefits of your product or service and take action now… and we’re very good at it. Whether you need a single ad created or an entire website overhaul, we’ll review your goals and create a high converting piece of copy that will generate sales for years.
E-Mail Marketing
E-mail marketing has the highest ROI of all forms of advertising. If you’re not advertising via e-mail to your leads and customers right now, you’re leaving a lot on the table! Whether you’d like to generate consistent sales every day, or simply want to run the occasional promotion, we can help. We'll work together to build an e-mail list that will be one of your most profitable sources of revenue for years to come.
Sales Presentations
Our presentations have generated millions of dollars in revenue for our clients. We specialize in automated and live online webinar presentations that generate high ticket sales. Our proprietary presentation format leads your audience through a storyline that positions you as the authority, helps your prospect understand why they need your service, and gives them clear, highly motivating instructions to take action now. If you’re a coach, or consultant this is a fantastic way to generate clients on total autopilot!
Lead Generation
Does your business need new, fresh leads? Don’t want to bother with website design, copywriting, or advertising? Let us handle it all for you. All our leads are generated fresh, daily. They're waiting for your call when you receive them. We run highly targeted Facebook advertising campaigns that result in you getting consistent, high quality leads that are ready and able to buy now. All you have to do is call and close the sale.
Do you want to get your message out to the world but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’ve been advertising but it hasn't worked as well as you've hoped. We can help. Our pro copyrighters and expert designers will craft an ad campaign that gets sales now. And our results driven, analytical technicians will make sure your ads continue to perform on an ongoing, consistent basis.
Marketing Consulting & Tech Setup
Do you feel lost? Are you out of ideas? Let our marketing professionals help. We’ll work together to set clearly defined goals and work with you to create a plan and achieve them. We’ll cover any roadblocks you’re facing right now and get you back on track fast. You’ll receive short, actionable strategies you can implement now that will immediately boost your bottom line. We can even help with tech setups!
Need something you don't see? Contact us and let us know how we can help. 

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